A new version of Healico application is out!

Launched in 2019, Healico is a free mobile app enabling more than 15 000 healthcare professionals to better take care of their patients with wounds.

Guirec Le Lous (Urgo Medical President) and Philippe Bienvenu (Digital Transformation Director) revealed on YouTube a major update to follow-up patients’ healing more easily: the patient feed.

Healico update

Here are the three main updates:
• A new photo gallery to see wounds’ evolution at a glance
• Patient’s medical history in the format of posts: in one scroll, they get all assessments, treatments, and photos.
• Real-time coordination with healthcare professionals, with comments and sharing features.

Healico update

This new version will help healthcare professionals to save more time to focus on what matters the most: healing patients.

You are an healthcare professional, download the app:
Apple Store
Google Play

More info on Healico? Go on their websites.
Healico in France
Healico in Spain
Healico in UK

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