Our commitments

A committed group

URGO fulfils a healthcare mission, which is socially engaged by its very nature. To make a difference, every day our companies seek to make a positive impact for our patients, teams, regions and planet.

Commitments championed by our companies

Championed and embodied by our teams, our commitments are part of a long-term approach. Each of our companies defines and deploys its own action plan in line with its healthcare mission, identity, patients and customers:

Focus on two commitments made by our companies

Committed to our patients

Urgo Medical has developed the mobile app Healico, which is revolutionising the treatment of patients with wounds.

Healico URGO

A free mobile app, Healico meets a public health issue and allows the coordination of caregivers for the patient, at the precise moment of their treatment. Breaking the caregiver’s isolation, Healico delivers the expert’s treatment recommendation in real time.

In Spain, Healico facilitated rapid communication between the primary care center and the hospital, enabling urgent referral of the patient to a specialist and, as a result, a foot amputation was avoided*.

Committed to the planet

A pioneer in naturopathy and 100% organic nutrition since 1974, Super Diet has chosen short supply chains in Northern France to protect the environment.


Accordingly, farmer Emmanuel Dervaux provides Super Diet with black radish, renowned for its health benefits. A partner in terms of price and volume, as with all its producers, Super Diet is deeply attached to its social and environmental commitments.

And in the future?

For our patients

Developing research projects to create innovative healthcare solutions that change our patients’ lives, such as GENESIS, the artificial skin revolution.

For our teams

On the strength of our learning corporate culture, strengthening the employability of each of our staff members thanks to training and anticipating developments in our professions.

For our regions

Intensify our investment in our regions to create even more employment and initiate new professional training channels, such as in Veauche (Saint-Etienne), where the aim is to double the numbers by 2026.

For the planet

Convinced that we cannot be healthy on a “sick” planet, we are drastically reducing our carbon footprint.

Our certifications

For health

For the environment

Diverse certifications

* Cecilia Matilla A, Cobo Mena A, Arpa Giménez A, Fernández Morata J. Role of the Healico© Wound Care Smartphone Application in Preventing a Foot Amputation in a 65-Year-Old Patient with Diabetes. Am J Case Rep. 2022 May 11;23:e936359. doi: 10.12659/AJCR.936359. PMID: 35538646; PMCID: PMC9108680.

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