URGO Group is a key actor for medical care and consumer Healthcare, specialized in advanced wound care and self-care; and family well-being (food supplement, consumer healthcare…). URGO Group’s startup, UrgoTech, offers patients the benefits of connected health.

Strength, agility and durability of URGO Group rely on the ability to adjust its level of compliance to Quality and Regulatory requirements to satisfy its customers in France and abroad.

Therefore a Quality and Regulatory Policy faithful to our commitments regroups all our activities to insure safety of patients, comfort of use for practitioners, compliance of our activities according to French and international regulation, and satisfaction of our customers, patients, practitioners, internal customers/suppliers and partners.

Quality also means offering efficient products to patients/consumers and, practitioners. This is why innovation, as well as creativity, efficency, agility, continuous improvement and good practices, are key elements of our Quality and Regulatory Policy to satisfy present and future customer’s needs.

In a dynamic and changing international environment, URGO Group maintains a high ethical standard.

URGO Group also promotes team spirit, solidarity and empathy. As an example, the Quality and Regulatory Policy is issued from collaborative work of every quality and regulatory managers of our Group.

Our Quality & Regulatory policy in 6 points:

1. We are an International key actor for medical care and consumer healthcare, with a patient/consumer orientation in the product offer, providing the best solutions & services.

2. We continue to align our practices with international quality and regulatory rules for the design, manufacturing, commercialization and distribution of products, and services.

3. We see our internal customers/suppliers as partners and encourage solidarity and empathy.

4. We are a reliable partner for our customer with a focus on a common goal: the customer satisfaction.

5. We maintain a high ethical standard across the Group and expect the same from all our partners.

6. We promote creativity, innovation, efficiency, agility, continuous improvement and good practices.


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