Our values

The conquering spirit of entrepreneurship

URGO is a story of conquest and growth for 60 years, an entrepreneurial adventure!
Being an entrepreneur at URGO means:

  • Having daring and agility in your bones in order to always be one step ahead,
  • Changing the rules of the game in order to aim to be the leader,
  • Being in the action, constantly adapting to change,
  • Demonstrating initiative, keeping a single goal in mind: being better than ever for our patients and customers!

The self-surpassing of those who aim for excellence

We believe that the method is as important as the result. To deliver profitable and sustainable growth, excellence is our driver:

  • Having a results-based culture,
  • Telling yourself that good is not enough,
  • Ensuring the success of your team and recognising the excellence of other members of staff,
  • Organising performance thanks to methods and feedback in order to constantly improve,
  • Sharing our methods with all members of staff,
  • Everyone can have an impact and propose solutions through the recommendation process.

The courage of assertiveness

We train all our members of staff in assertiveness in order to maintain simple and authentic relationships, improve our exchanges and gain energy by avoiding frustrations and misunderstandings.
Assertiveness means:

  • Expressing what you feel, what you want, what you refuse,
  • Actively listening,
  • Exercising your rights without denying those of others.

Do these values resonate with you? Then join us!