Why choose URGO?

By joining us, you will become part of a committed, agile, growing, inventive, innovative, international, continuously improving family group.

A group committed to its health mission

The URGO Group’s mission is to take care of patients thanks to its innovations. We are committed on a daily basis to changing patients’ lives, putting science at the service of therapeutic progress. We support healthcare professionals to promote healthcare best practices.

At Urgo Medical, we help patients to heal better and more quickly, developing solutions that have proven their superiority in clinical studies.

At Urgo Healthcare, we develop care and prevention products available to all to allow everyone to play an active role in their health.

A French family-owned group, agile and growing for over 140 years

We are a family-owned group headed by a family of entrepreneurs for three generations. Totally independent, we act and invest in the long term. We are only accountable to our patients and clients.

Thanks to our 3,500 members of staff and our direct presence in 20 countries, we have recorded an unprecedented cycle of growths and are continuing our international expansion.

Since its creation, the URGO Group may have grown but it has successfully kept its entrepreneurial spirit, agility and daring. At URGO, decision-making is facilitated, managers are approachable, and this makes all the difference! A family-owned group page link

Innovation and research at the heart of URGO

We count on our research and our 200 members of staff dedicated to innovation to turn our ideas into concrete healthcare solutions. Our internationally cutting-edge research laboratories allow us to guarantee our patients best-in-class products with clinically proven effectiveness.

We continuously invest in our R&D to enable us to conduct disruptive research projects that can change patients’ lives. For the 2020-2030 period, we are dedicating 300 million euros to improve the existing products via incremental research and to achieve disruptive innovations, such as artificial skin with GENESIS.

An international group, established in 20 countries and distributed in 60

Since 2011, the URGO Group has banked on international business in its development strategy. We now generate 50% of our turnover outside France.

We foster local roots and are established in 20 countries through subsidiaries . This global presence allows us to offer many opportunities and internal pathways to our members of staff.

A learning group, founded by a former Professor

Continuing education and learning are an integral part of the URGO Group’s DNA. Hervé Le Lous, founder of the URGO Group and former Management professor for ten years, decided to launch the Urgo University in 2009. In this distinctive corporate academy, the Group’s managers teach members of staff, passing on to them their knowledge and experience. Over 750 members of staff have been trained since 2009.

We believe that everyone, at their level, can be a change maker and that we all always have something to learn.

Gender Equality Index 2022

URGO Group’s companies are committed to promoting equality among all employees. Gender equality is an integral part of our values. We are convinced that each of our talents, regardless of gender, can contribute to our health mission and our entrepreneurial adventure.