The URGO Group develops, its activities are diversifying, its exchanges are expanding, thus multiplying external and internal interactions.

To continue to grow whilst remaining within the law and safeguarding everyone’s rights and to remain preserved from individual and collective risks, the URGO Group reinforces its approach to social and environmental responsibility.

Our Ethical Charter in 5 pillars

The Ethical Charter is our Compliance’s grounding within URGO Group.
This Ethical Charter is structured around five pillars to be a concrete reference point for all employees, whatever their profession.
1. Ensuring respect for people 
by ensuring privacy, promoting dignity, and welcoming diversity.
2. Committing to health and environment
– by guaranteeing the safety and well-being of our employees, patients and customers, while respecting public health,
– by developing and marketing products that help preserve the environment.
3. Guaranteeing integrity
– by fighting corruption and influence peddling. The URGO Group does not tolerate any form of corruption,
– by avoiding our personal interests to influence our professional decisions.
4. Building strong relationships
– by applying high ethical standards,
– by promoting fair and loyal trade,
– by selecting and treating fairly our partners.
5. Preparing the Group’s future
– by respecting the values of the URGO Group’s companies through our actions and messages,
– by protecting sensitive information about the Group and its partners,
– by enhancing our rights and respecting the rights of third parties.

la charte éthique du groupe URGO

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The Urgo Group Ethical
Charter in its entirety:

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The guidelines to
preventing corruption:

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Charte éthique URGO