The URGO Group represents more than 40 innovations per year rolled out in 20 countries. The marketing teams are divided over two divisions, consumer health and healing. Their role is to develop innovations and to define the company’s activation strategy and sales strategy to promote products. The teams place the patient at the heart of their actions, in order to always offer an appropriate solution to each one.

Our international marketing teams enable the URGO Group companies to access new markets, while ensuring our values as a Group are promoted.


You should like team work and be able to show leadership abilities. Your analytical mind and synthesis skills mean you are able to substantiate your recommendations and back your decisions. Your global vision, open-mindedness and creativity will be real advantages when working on our Group’s innovative and international stage.

Your career at URGO

By joining the URGO Group marketing teams, many career advancement opportunities are open to you. You can work within different marketing teams at different locations. After a few years’ experience, it is not uncommon to begin managing a team of several product managers. You can also join teams with whom you work regularly such as the sales teams, purchasing, or the development department. Finally, you can join another Group company in the same type of job.


Group Brand Activation Manager

No day is the same as the missions are always eventful and varied! We are also fortunate to be working with several teams with a specific aim, to satisfy our customers and patients to the best of our ability. It’s a joy to see an innovation that took several years to prepare finally in the hands of our customers or to see one of our TV advertisements!

Other jobs
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Business development


Sales representative