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With subsidiaries in 20 countries and 10 production sites including 6 internationally, the URGO Group supplies its patients and customers in the four corners of the world. Working to satisfy our customers, the Supply Chain teams play a key role in ensuring the availability of the products we deliver to our customers so they arrive on time with our patients. They manage flows between the various players upstream and downstream of the logistics chain, from supplier to customer. Their job involves evaluating and planning the request to managing procurement, organisation of production, storage and distribution of our products.


A real team player, your interpersonal skills should enable you to work with people from different departments around a common goal. Reactive and agile, you know how to be proactive and should have excellent analytical abilities.

Your career at URGO

There are perspectives for career advancement within the URGO Supply Chain, as much between local supply and global supply but also between the supply teams on our different production sites. The cross-cutting skills of our employees in the Supply Chain teams also mean they can work in other job categories within the Group and the Group’s companies.


Quentin Humar

Supply Chain Planner

Managing diverse and varied logistics issues, which are often complex and exciting, in close collaboration with numerous Group departments, with the aim of satisfying our French and international customers: this is what Global Supply is all about! It is this central and cross-functional position that our department occupies within Laboratoires Urgo which, in my opinion, makes this job as exciting as it is rewarding.

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