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Research, Innovation and Development employees enable companies in the URGO Group to aim for excellence and to design the products of the future. Their mission is to imagine, develop and transform their ideas into tangible healthcare solutions to meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. They support the Group’s permanent innovation approach through significant investments allocated to clinical research to develop and demonstrate the therapeutic efficacy of our products. The URGO Group is on average 40 innovations imagined and designed each year by our passionate Research, Innovation and Development teams.


You wish to put your scientific and/or technical skills to good use to develop innovative products aiming to improve the medical treatment of targeted diseases. Your enthusiasm, your perseverance and your discipline will enable you to successfully lead projects entrusted to you.

Your career at URGO

The Research, Innovation and Development team is multidisciplinary, enabling our employees to work between positions in research, innovation, development, clinical studies or even industrial transposition.

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Anne Sauvadet

Clinical Study Project Manager

What I like at URGO in clinical research is that we are involved in all the development processes, whether upstream of research or downstream working on the reimbursement applications so patients have faster access to all these products of excellence.

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