Quality / regulatory affairs


Our employees in the quality and RA teams, who ensure the quality and regulatory compliance of products by companies in the URGO Group, manage requests for launching new products onto the market, ensuring all technical documentation is updated and quality, hygiene, safety and environment rules are enforced.


You should know how to manage priorities, be able to take initiative, be disciplined and have strong analytical and synthesis skills. As many qualities required to manage company-wide projects alone, in the quality and regulatory affairs sectors.

Your career at URGO

The Group manufactures and sells several types of products such as medicinal products, medical devices, food supplements, each of which are subject to different regulations. In addition to reaching a managerial position, you can be brought to work on one or another category of products, or change position from regulatory affairs to quality. Finally, as a regulatory affairs or quality manager has scientific training, they can also move towards training pharmacists.

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Marilyn Gentilhomme

Food Supplements and Medical Devices Regulatory Affairs Unit Manager

I find our jobs in quality or regulatory affairs highly action packed as we contribute to all stages of development of a product, through to its launch. We support changes to the product throughout its life to sustain marketing. It’s a question of team work.

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