To meet their quality and quantity targets and purchase the most suitable products and resources for the Group’s activities, our teams work on varied tasks such as the development of relations with potential suppliers or with referenced suppliers, sourcing and negotiation, securing purchases in a given portfolio or even optimising supplier non-compliance management.


Good interpersonal skills, your leadership confers you the ability to convince, adapt and respond. You should also have very good negotiating skills.

Your career at URGO

There are career advancement perspectives within URGO Purchasing, between production purchases (raw materials, finished products…) and non-production purchases. A buyer’s cross-cutting skills mean they can also work in quality, marketing, trade-marketing or even procurement… They can also move towards an international position.


Astrid Cretat

Production Purchases Manager

At URGO, purchasing is involved over the entire product life-cycle, from supporting innovation at suppliers, through industrialisation and even in the recyclability of our packaging!

Other jobs
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Business development


Sales representative