The mission of the production departments is to develop, manufacture and package innovative products which aim to improve the lives of our patients and customers. URGO has 10 production sites worldwide, including 4 in France, and works in various areas such as consumer health solutions and healing, medical textiles and weaving technologies, health and well-being products, or even natural herbal solutions. Thanks to their know-how, the 1,100 employees from the production departments contribute to industrial excellence in France and internationally.


Production jobs are very varied and range from production operator to production coordinator. Technical or engineering skills for developing innovative products. Keen to learn, able to adapt and flexible and you also like team work. Your enthusiasm, your perseverance and your discipline will enable you to successfully lead projects entrusted to you.

Your career at URGO

There are possibilities for career advancement within the production teams. From operator on a production line you can move up to positions such as production leader and then production coordinator for example. Our employees can also move on to other sectors working with production such as the method, quality, maintenance or even supply departments.

URGO métier IT

Morgane Poty

Production Workshop Manager

I find it very rewarding to work with people who are all experts in their field. It has taught me a lot as we help each other with problem-solving and looking for solutions for projects we are passionate about.

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