The DSI is leading an ambitious IT transformation project in a context of digitalisation and growth of the URGO Group.
There are many stakes to this programme and they concern the three aspects of our organisation:
– Upgrade of solutions provided to the Group’s users, with rolling out of ERP and several other projects critical to the company’s activity,
– Upgrade of infrastructures, networks and systems while ensuring management and use of data and data security,
– Improvement in incident and employee request processing.
Genuine partners to the operational staff and support functions of the URGO Group, the IT teams actively contribute to its development.


You should have skills in the installation, production, administration and operation of systems, servers, network and telecoms. You should be at ease with project management and user support. You should be able to ensure the security and engineering of the workstation while providing functional expertise in your area. You should know how to configure and develop tools and interfaces. If you are an IT enthusiast and you want to further your career on a high stakes international scene, then a position at URGO DSI is waiting for you!

Your career at URGO

Joining the URGO DSI means working within a team of almost 50 people, working on numerous projects and with people from different career backgrounds (SAP Functional Consultant, BI Engineer, Systems Engineer, Security Engineer, Network Administrator, IT System Validation Expert, Support Technician…).

Halim Appraoui

Network and Telecoms Engineer

The Urgo Group DSI is undergoing significant change. For an IT enthusiast like me it is an opportunity to constantly improve and learn every day. I am always on standby for finding increasingly innovative solutions to improve the daily lives of the employees I assist.

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