Marine minerals and trace elements according to the Quinton method

The sea is a source of well-being for the body. Sea water is a water which is very different due to its salinity, meaning its dissolved salt content. Although its salinity can vary depending on latitude, its specific feature is that the composition is constant. Sea water contains around 33 g of salt per litre on average.

The Quinton method

René Quinton, a French biologist, recognised from the start of the 20th Century (1866-1925), studied the properties of sea water with passion. In his book “L’eau de mer, milieu organique”, he studied the similarities between marine plasma (sea water) and blood plasma, and showed that the minerals and trace elements they contain are present in the same proportions.

He established 5 rules to define the Quinton method:

– The sea water must be natural
– The sea water must be protected from pollution
– The sea water must be recent
– The sea water must be diluted in carefully verified distilled water
– The sea water must be filtered and sterilised at low temperature to preserve its qualities

Marine therapy with Oligocéan

Oligocean is the alliance of French know-how and the benefits of marine plasma at the service of health.

We offer a range of food supplements exclusively formulated from the riches of the ocean, in accordance with the principles of the Quinton method:
– Marine magnesium in capsules and ampoules
– Isotonic marine plasma, called IMP
– Hypertonic marine plasma, called HMP

HMP is made exclusively from total sea water. We draw this sea water from the preserved Natura 2000 site in the Bréhat archipelago in Brittany.
IMP is made from sea water diluted with purified water. It is produced by micro-filtration of up to 0.2 micron, without treatment at high temperature (<100°C) and without irradiation* according to the René Quinton method.

*In accordance with applicable legislation.

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