Discover Humer, a natural brand of expert solutions in the ENT field for 25 years. Humer, Nature sets you free!

Humer, a natural health expert for treating ENT*conditions

For 25 years, Humer, an expert range of the ENT field (coughs, allergies, colds, sore throats, etc.) has been studying sciences derived from Nature (Hydrotherapy, Phytotherapy, Apitherapy, Aromatherapy Phototherapy, Oligotherapy). Hence, in synergy, Humer develops products to prevent and relieve ENT conditions, effectively and safely. From the development of formulations through to the manufacture of products, Humer is supported by the expertise of a French, family-owned pharmaceutical company working to develop natural and effective products.

Humer: natural

To relieve ENT ailments all year round, Humer studies the natural sciences to select the active ingredients and compositions that, in synergy, will work effectively and quickly, and that are kind to the body.

The choice to use natural products is not detrimental to the effectiveness or speed of the treatment. Humer shows that a natural product can be active and has chosen to prove this via clinical trials, observational studies and in vitro tests.

• Products whose main active ingredients are natural,
• Quickly effective treatments,
• Well-tolerated solutions.

The Humer range: solutions
for the ENT field

• Hygiene and prevention solutions
• Treatment and care solutions
• A Manuka Honey range, a rare honey with unique scientific properties.

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*Relates only to the medical devices of the Humer range

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