Healico, the mobile assistant
for healthcare professionals

At Urgo Medical, we believe that improving patients’ pathways is a public health challenge and that e-health can play a major role. As a company whose work focuses on healing, we therefore decided to develop a mobile assistant to help carers look after their patients’ wounds.

What is Healico?

Healico is a free, ad-free mobile application which helps healthcare professionals follow the record of a patient suffering from wounds and to work with their colleagues.

Why use Healico?

Saves time. Everything is already ready.

– At a glance, carers can see their patients’ healing progression in real-time as can the entire care team, thanks to the patient’s news thread. They can simply scroll to see the patient’s full past record (photos, evaluations, treatments, messages, complex wound assessments AMI 11), in the form of posts.
– Photos of wounds among holiday photos are now a thing of the past! The photos can all be found in a gallery. No more paper forms! The application guides carers in the wound assessment in a few questions.
– Carers can dictate their observations using only their voice.

We’ve got you.

– Carers can share the patient’s records in a click and send instant messages to the entire care team.
– A doubt about a wound? They can comment on the posts to help other carers or can themselves ask for help from their colleagues and experts.
– They can comment on the posts to help other carers or can themselves ask for help from their colleagues and experts.

Rest assured. Your data and those of your patients are protected.

– The healthcare professional’s data and those of patients are stored with a certified health data host (HDS).

More than 20,000 users
and an award-winning application

In 2022, Healico has more than 20,000 users in Europe following more than 15,000 patients! The application received the prestigious Galien award in 2021 in France for the best e-health innovation of the year. At Urgo Medical, we believe that Healico makes a difference in the daily lives of carers and patients. Thanks to Healico, carers can save even more time so they can focus on what is the most important thing for them which is caring for their patients.


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